Terra Ventus Inspectioneering performs UT and visual inspections using drones. Our speciality is the inspection of industrial, hazardous and enclosed spaces, such as storage tanks, boilers, super heaters, furnaces, stacks, pipelines and more. RoNik has developed a propriety technology based on ultrasound technology to execute thickness testing of steel in hard to reach places using our patented UT drone technology.

  • Certified and calibrated UT measuring device.
  • Patented tilting mechanism pushes the UT probe firmliy against a surface.
  • Integrated couplant dispenser for perfect signal.
  • Live view of UT graph by operator and inspector.
  • Two on board camera's to monitor measurement in detail.
  • For indoors, outdoors, and roofs.
  • UT parameters can be modified during flight.
  • Fits through a 20" manhole.
  • Lightweight, only 3.6 lbs.
  • API-653 certified inspection online reporting in 3-D.
  • 3-D scanning also available.
  • Elios 2 internal visual inspections .

Our years of experience inspecting pipelines deliver the highest quality information for you to make informed decisions with, and to not find, but prevent leaks! Current customers rely on our data for bi-weekly monitoring of their pipelines, to ensure compliance and catch any new potential development early.

  • Change detection.
  • Subsidence detection.
  • Thermal mapping.
  • Vegetation mapping.
  • Encroachment.
  • Gas detection.
  • Third party activity.
  • Automated online reporting.
  • Multiple sensors in a single payload & flight
    • RGB, NIR1, NIR2, thermal, gas.
  • GIS and CAD ready data sets.
  • BVLOS coming in 2020!
Gas Detection UAV

Our patented TDLAS gas detection system provides an unique method of monitoring pipelines, facilities, and wellheads for leaks.  The analyzer combines GPS location data to give highly accurate positioning for fugitive emission leaks. The live read-out display of the Gas-Finder UAS has an alarm to provide the operator with instantaneous gas concentration data.

  • Provides immediate and unambiguous detection of the target gas in the ambient atmosphere.
  • Our technology counts every target molecule in the measurement path to give a ppm concentration.
  • The system combines the ppm concentrations, GPS coordinates, and associated diagnostic data for intuitive data interpretation.
  • PPM concentrations available to the pilot in real-time.
  • The system is autonomous so the pilot can focus on flying safely.
  • Display/Alarm Module will sound audible alarm when ppm concentration. hits alarm limit so pilot can turn around to investigate.
  • TD-Ventus can provide analytical reports with map overlays.

We produce survey-grade deliverables such as 3-D maps and models from drone images. To ensure accurate results using, ground control points, checkpoints, years of expertise, and RTK equipped drones.

  • Up to 10 sq. mi. per day of topo.
  • Accuracy's down to 1-3 cm/pixel.
  • Remove boots on the ground, and risk using UAS.
  • Combine multiple geodetic data-sets to ensure complete information.
  • Multiple sensors can collect a variety of information in one flight.
    • NDVI vegetation health, elevation, high resolution, heat, and gases.
  • Produce CAD, Civil 3-D, and ArcGIS ready data-sets.
  • Online map viewing, and data storage/access.

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Reducing boots on the ground, and getting real time information about your asset greatly reduces a companies exposure to litigation, and reportable incidents.

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The TerraDrone group of companies offer Worldwide service for all your needs. We do a project, in any number of Countries and offer the same level of service and deliverable in another.

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Faster, more cost-effective data gathering and analysis versus traditional survey and manned aerial flights. Data is reduced, and analyzed to reduce quantity and only provide actionable information back to the client.

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